How to Create a Link Direct to WooCommerce Checkout? | Sometimes, you need to create link direct to WooCommerce checkout for some reason. Maybe you want customer more focus what they are buying without going to cart page.

This link also more effective if you use it on sales page. You can put this link on order button.When your prospect clicks on the order button, they will go directly to WooCommerce checkout for payment. This technique can increase your sales conversion and look more professional for using in sales pages.

Create a Link Direct to WooCommerce Checkout

Before we start, you must know this tutorial will not change the add to cart button. It just creates a link.

Step 1. Find product ID

To find product ID, navigate to Products >>> All Products. Find your product and then hover the mouse on the product. You will see ID of the product here.

Step 2: Create Link

This is link for direct to checkout page >>>

Change the orange highlight with your domain name and change the green highlight with your product’s ID.

For example, the full link you will get should be like this >>>

Step 3: Copy and Paste

After finish, copy overall URL and paste it on where you wish to put it.

That all.

So easy right?


In this article, you have learned how to create a link directly to checkout page in WooCommerce.

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