Change Order Status Automatically on WooCommercee |  WooCommerce is a great software for you to start your own marketplace under budget. Many people have become rich with this software. No doubt.

On this point, I have found a great tool if you want to make a WooCommerce fully system. It is called Yithemes. On there, you can find any plugins to make your WooCommerce as a great platform.

Back to our topic. How can you change automatically status order on WooCommerce after someone makes an order?

In WooCommerce default system, it can change status to cancel order or hold order automatically. But, if you want to change status to completed or processing automatically, you may customize it. follow our guide below.

Change Order Status Automatically on WooCommerce

Step 1: Log into your WooCommerce site. If you do not install WooCommerce yet, please follow our guide how to install WooCommerce completely.

Step 2: Copy the code below and paste into your function.php.

Do not forget to change the text “CHANGE_STATUS_HERE“. You must change status what you need. The valid status you can change is listed below.

  • completed
  • processing
  • pending_payment
  • on_hold
  • canceled
  • refunded
  • failed

That all. Now you try a test on your side. All new order make by the client will auto change status what you have changed here.

Minuted Guide Review

In this article, you have learned about how to change order status automatically after client makes an order. It is very useful if you want to save your time from approving one by one on your order.

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