What is Functions.php in WordPress | Because of our tutorial many use Functions.php to customize, so we want to explain about it what the function of Functions.php.

What is Functions.php

Functions.php is an important part of a theme. Usually, it used to define functions, classes, actions, and filters to be used by other templates in the theme. So, with it, you can add any features and extend the functionality of the theme.

Where to find Functions.php?

The functions.php you can find it in theme’s folder.

You can go to this path >>> your wordpress installation/wp-content/themes/your current active theme

Every theme will have the file functions.php.

If it did not exist in your theme, simply you can create a plain-text file named functions.php.

Good to know. Every customization you created, please created a child-theme first and put the functions.php in the child-theme.

The reason is, if you update your theme version, your customization will not lose.


In this tutorial, you learned about what is functions.php and why it is important to customize any WordPress Function

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