How to Create WordPress Shortcode Without Plugin | When you need to create a shortcode in WordPress? Well! This is a general question because it based on what and why you need it.

For your knowledge, we also use the shortcode on this blog to create a tutorial. For example.

Step 1 Method #1 Top #1

All of these we use a shortcode to create it. We just type a simple “secret code” where we have set it before this and it appears like that. So, it will make your work easier.

Why we do not you recommend using a plugin where it easier?

Because, when you install many plugins in WordPress, it will reduce your WordPress performance speed. Second, when your plugin outdated and the developer no longer makes an update on the plugin, it will crash your site.

Create WordPress Shortcode Without Plugin

Step 1 Log into your cPanel.

Step 2 Navigate to your theme folder. Usually it look like this path “public_html/wp-content/themes“. Then, click on your currently active theme folder.

We strongly recommend you to create a child-theme. So, when you updating your theme, your customization will not lose.

Step 3 Open your functions.php file and paste the code below in it.


Ok. Finish for part one.

Step 4 Still on your currently active theme folder, create a new file and named it as shortcode.php.

Step 5 Copy the code below and paste it into shortcode.php.

In this code, you can change it and custom it. This is basic.

So the result is when we type the shortcode [minutesguide1] and then it will appear as “Minutes Guide Awesome!”

That is how it working


In this tutorial, you have learned how to create a shortcode without using any plugin.

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