Which is The Best Hosting For WooCommerce | If you want to create an online shop, the first thing you must to take serious action is, choosing the best hosting because this is the first step decide you successful or not with an online shop.

Imagine, during you update your online shop suddenly your hosting get a problem and always down. Then, when you want to get support, their support takes a long time to reply your ticket. This is very terrible for you to starting online shop.

So here, we will reveal for you which one the best hosting you must to choose for your online shop project.

The Best Hosting For WooCommerce

When you want to create an online shop, actually you must choose VPS hosting type. But, it does not matter because you can upgrade your hosting when it grows. For starting, you can choose Shared hosting type where is cheaper and valuable.

Here, we will list three the best hosting for WooCommerce based on their performance, support, price and features.

Top #1 FastComet

Why FastComet become top one on our list?

Based on Performance

FastComet have eight data centers. They are Chicago, Dallas, Newark, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore and Tokyo data center.

For test speed based on region, please look at the screenshot below. Click it for enlargement.

Amsterdam Speed Test

Chicago Speed Test

Dallas Speed Test

Frankfurt Speed Test

London Speed Test

Newark Speed Test

Singapore Speed Test

Tokyo Speed Test

Based on Support

In FastComet, they will support you via ticket only. This is not a big problem because ticket system is more effective and arranged for you to refer the problem in the future.

Do not Worry. The first reply to your new ticket just takes time five until 10 minutes. They are very professional and your problem can be resolved faster.

But I very believe that nothing to contact and report them about hosting problem.

Based on Price

For pricing, we can tell FastComet is cheaper than others hosting.

You can choose any package you want. But, for creating an online shop, we recommend you to choose SpeedUp package.

Based on Features

This is the best features for FastComet

  1. Free Domain name – You will get Free main domain name forever.
  2. Unlimited 24/7 Priority Support – For all package hosting
  3. 1-click Installer for build Online Shop – For beginner to create website
  4. No downtime, Fast & Painless – No need to managed hosting
  5. SSD-Only Cloud – Up to 300% faster access to your files and databases
  6. Fixed Prices, No Surprises – Fixed price and no upsale
  7. Daily Backups – For security reasons
  8. 45 Days Money Back – If you do not satisfy with their service
  9. cPanel Powered Hosting – Make your life more easy to create website
  10. Free Cloudflare CDN – To make your website more faster

Top #2 BlueHost

Why is BlueHost become Top #2 on our list?

Based on Performance

For this speed test, we install the basic WordPress using Bluehost server and we test it using Pingdom Speed Test. And here the result we find. Click it for enlargement.

Test Server From USA

Test Server From Asia

Test Server From Europe

Based on Support

Bluehost provided you two type of support, ticketing and chatting. For phone, they only support for sales. Ok, not problem. BlueHost have many expert staff ready to help you if you have a problem with their hosting.

Based on our experience, they can reply within 2 minutes with via chat and about 15 minutes via ticket.

For us, this is not a big problem and as a user, we must considerate of their work where is work fully technical and it would not easy. During we write this article, their hosting powering about 2 million users.

Based on Price

In BlueHost, they provided a specific package for WooCommerce and this is the best stuff because they will optimize their WooCommerce with their hosting.

For WooCommerce Hosting package, their hosting started $6.95/month*

Based on Features

This is the best features for BlueHost.

  1. Bandwith Unlimited for all package.
  2. One domain free forever as long as your website powered by their hosting.
  3. Dedicated support 24/7.
  4. SimpleScripts 1-Click installs.
  5. Courtesy Site Backups.
  6. SSL Secure Server.
  7. cPanel Account Control Panel.

If you think BlueHost is the best hosting for WooCommerce, please consider to choose it. To start with BlueHost, choose your domain name below.

Top #3 InMotion Hosting

Why is Inmotion Hosting become top 3 on our list?

Based on Performance

InMotion Hosting have two data centers located on east and west coasts. You can choose the option to select which one you want to host your files on. This means, the closer your hosting with your customers, the faster they can load your website.

Here is our test speed based on east cost and west cost.

East Cost Test

West Cost Test

Based on Support

InMotion have multiple choice for you to choose the support method like as Skype, Phone, Ticketing, Chat, and Email. So, you can choose the support method you like when you have a problem.

Averagely, they can solve your problem within one hour for a minor problem and 24 hours for a major problem.

Based on Price

They have three packages. Launch, Power and PRO.

For Launch and Power package, you just pay $5.99 for one month and for the next month you will pay $7.99 and $9.99 respectively.

Meanwhile, for PRO package, you will pay $8.99 for one month and for the next month you will pay $15.99.

Based on Features

This is the best features for InMotion Hosting.

  1. FREE SSD Drives
  2. 90-Day Guarantee
  3. FREE Data Backups
  4. FREE 1-Click Installer
  5. Max Speed Zone
  6. Google Apps Integration

If you think Inmotion Hosting is the best hosting for WooCommerce, get it right now.


In this article, we have revealed you which one the best hosting for WooCommerce. As we said earlier, choosing the best hosting is a first step to measure you success with your online shop or not.

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