Mailwizz vs Sendy. As you know, Mailwizz and Sendy are self-hosted email marketing. But, which one the best? Which one should you choose?

I have tried both of them before.

At first using self-hosted email marketing, I tried Sendy and then Mailwizz.

And what I can say here, Mailwizz and Sendy are great for self-hosted email marketing for your custom budget. But they still have differentiated respectively.

Before we discuss what the differentiated for both, here I would like to tell you what are the same for this products.

mailwizz vs sendy


Actually, MailWizz and Sendy has many similarities. So, before we discuss about differences both of them, let’s see it what are the same.

#1. What are the same?

Until now, I try to search for another best self-hosted email marketing. But it useless. There is no other product to compete with two of this software. In terms of their pricing, their features, Mailwizz, and Sendy are the best software for self-hosted email marketing.

Now, let’s look why Mailwizz and Sendy have become the best self-hosted email marketing.

Here I have 7 main point lists to show you why.

  • Pricing – The budget for the month depends on your hosting budget. It does not depend on your list sizes growing like Getresponse or other email marketing.
  • Import Subscribers – It easy to import subscribers from our website database list without re-confirmation. For example, if you import your subscriber into Getresponse or AWeber, your subscribers need to confirm their email on your list. But with Mailwizz or Sendy your subscriber no need to re-confirmation their email.
  • Fully Control – Yes, when you have self-hosted email marketing, you can control it 100% without any “term of service”. For example, you can purchase a verified list (much big company does this) and export it into your list. But, Sendy and Mailwizz still have their policy where you must put unsubscribe links at every email.
  • Make Extra Money – Mailwizz and Sendy are not just self-hosted email marketing which you can use it on your own, but you can rent it to anyone who interested to use your service. You can make it as a business in email marketing service. Got ideas?
  • Delivery Server – You can choose any delivery server suit for you. For example, you can use SES Amazon, SMTP, Sendmail, Mandrill Web API, and much more.
  • Translation – Both of them you can translate any language you want. It very easy to translate it. So you no need to be worry if you want change into your language.
  • Integration – Easily you can integrate to other software using their API. For example, I want to integrate with ConvertPro, so I no have problem with it.

#2. What are The Differentiation?

For your information, until now I still stick with Mailwizz. So, what happen to sendy? Is sendy bad?


Sendy and MailWizz still the best for me and their features make me hard to choose one.

But, finally I choose Mailwizz as my self-hosted email marketing until now.

So here, I list you what are the differentiation both of them.

Differentiation #1 : Delivery Server

Mailwizz have a lot of delivery server you can use such as;

  • Mailgun Web Api
  • Sparkpost Web Api
  • Sendgrid Web Api
  • Postal Web Api
  • Elasticemail Web Api
  • Amazon Ses Web Api
  • Pepipost Web Api
  • Mailjet Web Api
  • Sendinblue Web Api
  • Newsman Web Api
  • Smtp
  • Smtp Amazon
  • Smtp Postmastery
  • Smtp Postal
  • SMTP
  • Dyn Web Api
  • Tipimail Web Api
  • Leadersend Web Api
  • Postmark Web Api
  • Mailerq Web Api
  • Mandrill Web Api
  • SendmailPhp Mail
  • Pickup Directory

What the important here for me is, I can use SMTP server which is when you use SMTP server, you can control more for delivery email.

Another word, SMTP server is free because it use your server for sending email but you must be careful. If not, your server will mark as SPAM.

Compete to Sendy, there are just several delivery server you can use such as;

  • Sendgrid
  • Mailgun
  • Postmark
  • SocketLabs
  • Mailjet

All of these are paid service but email deliverability very satisfy.

Actually sendy designed for SES Amazon.

Differentiation #2 : Pricing

If you compare both of them, at the first time purchase, Mailwizz are more expensive than Sendy.

The pricing for Mailwizz is USD69 for self-use or USD245 for customer charge and for Sendy, the price is USD59. But, for major update of Sendy the pricing is USD29 meanwhile MailWizz you can get free update forever.

Differentiation #3 : Support

Both of them have a great support team.

But, Sendy has lifetime access support meanwhile Mailwizz just supports 12 months after purchase. If you want to extend support after 12 months you must renew their support for USD24 and is valid for 12 months.

Do you think you must get support all of time?

For now, only these differentiate I can share with you.

If any update, I will update it later here.

For summary of differentiation, you can refer the table below.
Delivery ServerMailgun Web Api ,Sparkpost Web Api, Sendgrid Web Api, Postal Web Api, Elasticemail Web Api, Amazon Ses Web Api, Pepipost Web Api, Mailjet Web Api, Sendinblue Web Api, Newsman Web Api, Smtp, Smtp Amazon, Smtp Postmastery, Smtp Postal, SMTP, Dyn Web Api, Tipimail Web Api, Leadersend Web Api, Postmark Web Api, Mailerq Web Api, Mandrill Web Api, SendmailPhp Mail, Pickup Directory
  • Sendgrid
  • Mailgun
  • Postmark
  • SocketLabs
  • Mailjet
PricingFirst time: USD69 (personal), USD249 (charge client) and FREE updates foreverFirst time: USD59 (for personal and client charge) but USD29 for major update.
SupportFree for 12 months and the USD29 for another 12 months.Lifetime access support

My reason why I choose MailWizz because I want to use SMTP server where is this feature not available in Sendy.

With SMTP server you freely setup your email delivery, how much email per second send and it free without pay anything. Just pay for hosting only.

If you use third party SMTP as delivery server, you still bound with their terms of use.

For server, I have use VPS server from Fastcomet and it can hosted MailWizz nicely.

Then, for your info, I have tried much company hosting for host MailWizz but their server sender not satisfy. When I turn back Fastcomet, email deliverability very amazing. So in my opinion, VPS Fastcomet is the best hosting for MailWizz.

Finally, MailWizz vs Sendy are a tight competition because sometime I think Sendy the best, sometime MailWizz the best.

So, which one you think the best for self-hosted email marketing? Sendy or MailWizz?

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