List the Best Self Hosted Autoresponder | Autoresponder email is a great tool that must be owned by every Internet Marketer and blogger to promote their product/service. It is more efficient, more saving, and more powerful compared to other promotion tools.

Many internet marketers using Getresponse and AWeber as their autoresponder. Yes! We are very recommended for you if you have enough budget. For both of these autoresponder, they have complete tools as your email promotion and increase your sales.

But, the question is, are you affordable to paying it at high cost every month based on your list increasing? (if you afford to pay it, we highly recommend both for you)

If your answer is no, please continue your reading because we will reveal to you about the best self-hosted autoresponder which it can save you more money!

Benefit Self-Hosted Autoresponder

Why are we more prefer to choose Self-Hosted Autoresponder? This is the reasons.

  1. You freely can import/export your list without limitation.
  2. Cost maintain every month based on your hosting fee.
  3. No need to worry about list increasing.
  4. You can do anything on your list.

What is the Best Self-Hosted Autoresponder?

Here, we will list top three the best self-hosted autoresponder based on our experience.

Top #1 MailWizz

MailWizz is the top #1 for our the best choice as a self-hosted autoresponder. We use MailWizz for many reasons in our website. One of them is, we want to import our user list from website database into autoresponder without limit.

Then, we use this list to follow up via email to increase our sales.

Now, we have more than 45,000 lists, and our cost for this mailing list still maintain for the same cost.

self hosted autoresponder

What is the best and unique about MailWizz?

You can make it as a business.


You can use MailWizz to provide as an email marketing service like Aweber and Getresponse. You can put your price and how much you want to charge it for your user.

Try and get MailWizz now and share your experience.

Top #2 Sendy

For who most familiar with Amazon SES, Sendy is better for you because, for a delivery server, Sendy just uses Amazon SES. This is a great feature for you because it will reduce your email from going to the spam box. Amazon SES has higher credibility as a sending email server. So, do not worry about your email credibility sending.

Their cost also is cheaper compared to another autoresponder sending cost.

self hosted autoresponder

The screenshot above shows you how much cost if you use Sendy. If you send 49,882 emails, you just pay to Amazon SES just only $4.99! Is it cheap right?

Like MailWizz, Sendy also can offer email marketing service and charge at your price.

So, no reasons if you do not try Sendy today.

Top #3 ArpReach

Features of ArpReach same as features of MailWizz. They have many good features like unlimited SMTP server, export/import list without limitation, user-friendly, easy to customize your email template and many more.

But, the price of ArpReach more higher compared to MailWizz.

For a long-term, ArpReach also is the best choice for you.

Latest update: Now ArpReach not yet reliable self-hosted email marketing. Their website looks something wrong, weird and unmanaged. I do not recommended ArpReach anymore. Proceed with caution.

Best Hosting to Install Self-Hosted Email Marketing

Actually, if you want to make your self-hosted email marketing more powerful, then you must choose the best hosting to install the self-hosted script on the server.

Before this, we have tried HostGator and InMotion Hosting. We know these two companies are top-rated web hosting provider, but they cannot handle email very well. Your email always landing in the SPAM box and sending time very super duper slow.

But, when we use FastComet everything becomes perfect. Our email deliverability almost 0% landing to SPAM.


In this article, we have revealed which is the best for self-hosted email marketing and which one the best hosting you must choose to install the script. For self-hosted email marketing script, we highly recommend choosing MailWizz, and for hosting to install the script, please choose FastComet.

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