What is SEO | SEO is a short form Search Engine Optimization  where it is very important to make sure your article first rank in search engine. For example. If someone searching something in search engine (Google, Yahoo or Bing) they will found your article first.

This is how SEO works and it very related to choose smart keyword.

In this article, we will describe for you what is SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is a word that you commonly encounter online, but what is SEO actually? The word SEO basically stands for search engine optimization, but it if you really want to know what it is all about, we better take a look at it in detail. SEO is a process that aims on optimization for search engines. Most of us are well aware what search engines are, but the question is – how to optimize for them?

What is SEO?

Again, it is best described as a marketing method that aims to make a website or blog more visible to the search engines. When you are going to conduct a search using one of the search engines, they provide us several pages of results pertaining to the word or phrase that you entered. It is a known fact that majority of individuals including yourself will only click on the results presented on the first page. The remaining results on other pages are simply ignored.

Always bear in mind that SEO is an essential part of any marketing campaign since it can help drive in more visitors that will ultimately convert into sales.

If you want to sell something using your webpage or simply to gain a large audience for your blog, SEO is essential.

The objective is to make a website or blog appear on the first page of the search engine results when people entered specific words or phrases. These are called as keywords and they have a vital role when it comes to search engine optimization. Keywords allow you to further expand the focus of your website or blog in order to attract more visitors.

Keywords are not the only elements utilized in search engine optimization. Another significant aspect of SEO is linking. It is a known fact that search engines typically utilize links to a website as a reference. As long as the links to a website are legitimate, there is a higher chance that the website or blog will gain a higher rank in the search engine results. The creation of links between your web pages is an essential way to greatly improve SEO.

Link building and keywords are just the basics of search engine optimization. There are other advanced techniques that are commonly used in order to boost the ranking of your blog or website to the first page of the search engine results and keep it there for a long time.

Other commonly used techniques include the use of Meta tags, title tags, heading tags, title attributes on the links, social media, hyperlink building, and good quality content. Just avoid using flash since it does not seem to get along well with the search engines.


What is SEO?

Now that your question has been answered, it cannot be denied that SEO is indeed important for either personal or business use whether with a blog or website. Always make it a point to fully understand the different SEO techniques so that your website or blog will reach the top ranks on the search engine results.

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