How to Choose Smart Keywords | Keywords are important things if you want to write an article. The best pick up keyword in article, you can rank your article number one on Google. If your article rank number one in article, you can make more money from it.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose smart keyword for your article.

How to Choose Smart Keywords?

Utilizing search engines could be the best way to get through your audience and market your company or product this is called SEO or search engine optimization. Smart keywords are essential for marketing and SEO.

Keywords are also the basis for page ranking methods such as Google rank. It’s quite significant for a popular and successful company or business to be able to maximize its potential in the biggest platform possible. That platform is the internet. A simple keyword sent out in the internet or shared by various people could mean points in Google rank already.

Here are three tips in choosing smart keywords.

1. Choose simple words

Short and simple words are easier to search. Two to three words are enough to catch a person’s attention and make it stick to them. Picking smart keywords requires the keywords to be easily remembered by the people. Complicated words are not what people usually use, thus it’s very difficult to circulate words that are not in layman’s terms. It’s important to be relatable and reachable. For the customers, this implies that they could conduct business with the company easily.

Why do you think restaurants and companies keep their taglines to a minimum? People easily remember two to three simple keywords. They circulate it around the web and their company gets hits. Remember to use simple and minimal words.

2. Check Google rank

Google rank is a system that summarizes and ranks the web pages in the internet. This is based on search engine results. Thus, smart keywords produce search entries that will eventually be counted for ranking. Articles, reviews or blogs related to your company that includes smart keywords could be a portal for search engines.

Checking Google rank gets you updated with how your page ranks among others and it gives you a summary of the trend when it comes to SEO. More on that, you could get ideas on what popular keywords you could use for your company. It gives you an edge in terms of trends.

3. Choose keywords that are relevant to your business or company

Smart keywords should be words that directly affect or represent your company or business. Pick keywords that are related and relevant to the business operations. An advantage is it will be easier in terms of SEO. The goal is to have your business be easily linked and searched. That is the key to successful SEO. Keywords must highlight the company’s value proposition.

Most companies hire SEO experts to help them fully maximize the potential. These experts are responsible for choosing the appropriate and fitting smart keywords. Another thing, these SEO experts know when to post articles and where to post them.

Choosing the internet as a platform for maximizing marketing strategies means picking the right smart keywords. Without these keywords, your company would not attract the right niche and this will affect your popularity. There are a lot of opportunities over the internet and it only fitting to use them well. Consult a SEO expert now and expand your market share.


In this article, you have learn with simple learning how to choose smart keyword. Remember, if you choose inaccurate keyword to use in your article, your article maybe cannot rank number one in google and make your article useless.

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