What The Next Step to Do After Switch From Blogger to WordPress | In our previous article, we have guided you about how to switch from Blogger to WordPress. Now, on this section, we will show you what the next step you must to do after switch it.

Step to Do After Switch From Blogger to WordPress

Why is this important? If you do not want to lose any SEO after the switch, follow this guide.

Step 1: The first stuff you must do is, set up your permalink. From admin dashboard, navigate to Settings >>> Permalinks.

All permalinks provide by WordPress are good except the “Plain.” But we recommend you to choose “Post Name” type.

Step 2: Setup redirection whereas when visitor visit on your old site (blogger) they will go directly to your new site (WordPress).

Firstly, log into your blogger account then navigate to “Theme.”

After that, scroll down, and you will see like as the screenshot below. Click on link “Revert to classic theme.”

Then, you will see “Edit Theme HTML”.

Replace all code in it with the code below. Do not forget to replace http://www.example.com with your domain name.

Save your changes, and you have done make a redirection from old URL (Blogspot) to new URL (WordPress).

Step 3: In step three, you must set up where all your old article link will redirect to new article link. Follow this.

Copy and paste the code below into your function.php.

The code above creates a blogger to WordPress 301 redirect where it is best to optimize SEO.

Now, your migration from Blogger to WordPress now wholly setup. Happy Blogging!

Minutes Guide Review

In this tutorial, you have learned about what to do next after you migrate from blogger to WordPress. This important if you do not want to lose any SEO from your Blogger post before.

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