Is Justify Post Good For SEO? | On WordPress 4.7 version release, there is no longer have a function for justify post in the post editor. It just available on keyboard shortcut (shift+alt+j).

Why WordPress hide this function in post editor?

The reason is, it is not important and not necessary for a quality writing.

Undeniably, justify post will look your writing more neat and clean but it just not good for SEO. Here, I will explain why justify post not good practice for SEO.

How to Explain your Content to Google

When Google reads our site, it looks at it a little differently than we see the site in a browser. Google doesn’t care about fancy design, fonts, colours, animation, and images. When Google reads your site, all it sees is the content and the HTML that goes around the text.

For example and more clarify, here I provide you a website and how Google sees it.

as seen in a browse

Picture Source: WPML

And look how Google sees the website.

homepage without styling – how google see it

Picture Source: WPML

Google will see your blog in format HTML/text whereas more clean your writing, more SEO on your blog. So what related to justify post?

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Is Justify Post Good For SEO?

Now you have looked how Google read and see your blog. Right?

Ok, when you use justify post, your writing will change the structure of sentence. For example, the original post is

Sarah go to school

When you use justify post it looks like this

< style ="text-align: justify;">Sarah go to school

Did you see how justify post change your format of sentence?

Yes, if you use justify post, Google will see your writing as “text-align: justify;”> Sarah go to school”. Google look your writing messier and not clean. You will make your SEO writing not friendly.

What Should You Do If You Need To Use Justify Post?

If you need to use justify post on your blog without change your format of sentence, please consider using CSS.

How to use it? Just copy all CSS above and put on your CSS theme. All your post will justify without change your structure of sentence.


On this post, you have learned why justify post give lousy SEO for your blog. You must prevent from using justify. If you need justify post on your blog, please consider using CSS above. It will be safe for SEO.

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