How To Download Files And Folders From Amazon S3? | As we know, Amazon s3 does not allow you to download folder directly from it. You just can download it one by one file. But, what happens if you have thousands of files to download? You will spend more time to do it. Very unreasonable. Right?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to download all folder entirely from Amazon s3. So you no need to download it one by one.

How To Download Files and Folders from Amazon s3

Before you start, I want to say this tutorial is just for Windows user. Not for MAC user because for MAC user there is no software for it.

Step #1: Download software s3browser from their website. Sorry. Here I will not show details how to install it. Just follow their instruction to install it. I want this tutorial focus, clean and clear.

Step #2: After you finish download and install it, please connect it with your amazon s3 account like as below.

Step #3: Now, s3browser connected with your amazon s3. Select the bucket that contains the files or folder which you need to download and click Download.

Is it easy, right?


On this article, you have learned the trick how to download files and folder entirely from amazon s3 account. You should know Amazon s3 does not allow you to download folder directly from it. So, these are your solutions.

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