How to Create Auto Date On Sales Page? | Have you ever seen on sales page how they create auto date? It is optional to make your sales page look more evergreen and always updated.

For example, you can look below how automation date works below.

From SOHO :Faiz Alias
RE: Put Your Title Here

The date will auto-refresh to current date. So, how you can do that on your sales page too?

Here is the trick.

Create Auto Date On Sales Page

What you should do is, copy all code below and paste into your HTML or text page.

Next, you should edit your name and your title.


Benefit of Auto Date Update

What are the benefits auto date update on your sales page? The benefit is,

  1. Make your web looks update to date.
  2. Make your website looks active always.
  3. Visitors more confident with your web.

and there is much more benefit if you put this on your web.


On this tutorial, you have learned how to put an auto date on your sales page. This function to make your web fresher and always look updated.

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