Change Background Successfully Added to Cart Message |  Have you tried to change the background on “successfully added to cart message” in WooCommerce like as the picture below?

In our situation, the background almost similarly on page background, white. So, we need to change it to another color like as blue or yellow.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can change the background color. Follow this our tutorial.

Change Background “Successfully Added to Cart Message”

Before we start, you must know that in this tutorial you can change the color only. You cannot replace it with an image.

Step 1: Copy the code snippet below.

Step 2: Paste it on your custom CSS theme, or you can change it on WordPress CSS customizer. Then save it.

Now it has changed.

When Do You Need to Apply This Tutorial?

Sometimes in WordPress theme, they are set on this background same in color with the page. So, your customers are not aware of the presence of the message. The solution is you can change the background color to make your customer more awareness about the message.


In this tutorial, you have learned how to change background “Successfully Added to Cart Message” in WooCommerce. Just follow our tutorial above, and you will find the solution.

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