Why Should You Avoid Crack Plugin in WordPress? | What do you understand about Crack (Nulled)? For me, crack is an original item where it was changed the code by blackhat programmer to be used for all users. But, the weakness is they cannot to update automatically like as an original. If they want a new version, they must crack it manually one by one.

Nowadays, there are many online marketplaces like Codecanyon where they sell thousands of plugin for WordPress users. You just find what plugin and system you need, then purchase it. Usually, the developer of the plugin will give you support for their customer to avoid any problem. This is a good attitude as a seller.

So, what happens if you get crack plugin just download free from the internet?

In this article, we will discuss why you should avoid crack plugin which downloads free from the internet.

Avoid Crack Plugin in WordPress

Here is some reason.

#1. Lack of Safety

Usually, blackhat programmer will redesign code in the plugin and give you download free from the internet. When you install this plugin on your WordPress, easily they can retrieve your login information and hack your website. They also can make your site destroy with injecting malware via this plugin.

#2. No Priority Support

If you get a crack plugin, nobody will help you except you must to solve the problem by yourself.

#3. No Update

When you get crack plugin, you will never get the update.

Is update plugin is important?

Yes, it very important to improve the performance of your site. Usually, original developer will make update frequently to fix the bug and improve the speed of the plugin.

Beware! If you do not get the update in a long time, your website will down.

#4. Destroyed Industry

When everyone using the crack plugin, it will destroy company which creates the original plugin. I think this does not become a big problem because not all user uses crack plugin in a long time on their website. One day, they will get an original plugin from the right owner.

I think this is all reason why you must avoid using the crack plugin on your WordPress site.

In this case, it is not included if you get a developer license from the original site to sell service with their plugin and make a profit.

For example. Elegant Themes has developer license where they allowed to sell their theme or plugin to your client’s site as a service. All support and updated, you must be responsible to them.

Hope this is clear what we have discussed.


In this article, we have discussed why you should avoid using the crack plugin which downloads free from the internet.

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