7 Reasons Why You Must Use Extra Theme From Elegant Theme | Selection of theme for the first time when you are creating your blog is very important. It is because when you change your theme, maybe your traffic will drop and effect to SEO too. So, please choose your theme properly and if can please do not change the theme after you use it.

For your information, MinutesGuide has used Extra Theme as the main theme. There are a lot of reason why we use Extra Theme for our blog.

Do you want to know why? Do not worry. Today we will list the details here why we choose it.

7 Reasons Why You Must Use Extra Theme

Extra Theme is a theme from Elegant Themes. They become very popular since they introduce their theme with drag and drop features. This is seven reasons why we choose it.

Reason #1: Update Version Regularly

We love Extra theme because they update their version regularly. Their theme very dedicated to updating this theme. When you always receive update theme to a new version, it means they improve performance and speed of the theme.

Actually, you must be worried when you do not get the update on your theme in one year period.

Reason #2: SEO Friendly

SEO is very important to optimize your site into the search engine. Without optimize SEO on your site, your site will look like a trash. That why you should know which one theme comes with SEO friendly and which one is not.

Extra Theme comes with details SEO setup. You can setup SEO here by section. Homepage SEO, Single Post Page SEO and Index Page SEO.

Look, how serious they build this theme for you.

Reason #3: Drag and Drop Feature

Now, you can create your blog with a unique design because they have a feature drag and drop function to design your blog. With this features, you can create thousands different layout and you determine yourself how you want to arrange it.

This is the best ever feature provided by Elegant Theme.

Reason #4: Best Support Ever

If you have any problem, just log into Elegant Theme member area and post your problem there. They have dedicated support team to help their client and trying to give you the best solution for any problem you have.

One of the best for their support is, you can ask any minor customize. Some of the company, they will ignore your question if you ask out of the default theme function. But Elegant Theme will not ignore your question except you ask the major customize.

Reason #5: Multi-Use Theme

With Extra Theme, you can create any type of website you want. Web business, personal blog, membership site, eCommerce and more.

We have more than three websites and all of them we use Extra Theme. What we want to tell you here is, we can create the different type of website with a single theme.

Reason #6: Easy to Customize

You also can customize your site in various theme color. You can change it anything color you want to make your own identity website. For MinutesGuide, we have used blue as identity color. Not only that. You can customize font, font size, background image, menus and more!

Reason #7: Speed Up Theme

Last but not least, the first thing why we love this theme is their speed optimize. Along we use WordPress, Extra Theme is the best theme we ever found. By default, you no need to install any plugin to minify and combine your Javascript and CSS files because they already provided in this theme. Just enable it to activate it.


In this article, we have told you why you must to use Extra Theme in your blog or website. Actually, there are more interesting features for this theme. But this is all our main reason why we love it. Get Extra Theme now to optimize your blog.

Alternatively, you can get Extra Theme + Free Installation in our service.

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