Many WordPress users recommend BlueHost and make a review on their blog because BlueHost is one of the hosting recommend by WordPress. Yes, they are true but it is not meaning BlueHost is the best among the best.

About BlueHost

BlueHost was started in 1996. Over 21 years old ago (2017)

Wow! They exist before Google exist. So, that why BlueHost has millions customer over the world until now. After a long time they build a relationship with WordPress, in 2006 WordPress announce BlueHost is an official recommend hosting.

Review of Bluehost for Basic Features

  1. Reliability: Almost zero downtime per month.
  2. Free domain: Free main domain for each hosting for one year (only).
  3. Speed: I have a test my blog and their speed is High. It’s response about 1.24 second from Dallas, Texas.
  4. Type of Storage: All of their hosting using SSD where it more better than HDD storage.
  5. Security: High (Based on your hosting plan)
  6. Support: Although they support for 24/7, sometimes you need to wait so long to get a reply from chat. So, you need to create a ticket to solve your problem.
  7. Free Backup: Based on your hosting plan.
  8. Let’s Encrypt: They do not offer you Let’s Encrypt. If you need SSL, you must buy it separately and install manual in your hosting.
  9. Free CDN Enable: Based on your hosting plan.
  10. Number of Web Install: Unlimited number of website install, except Basic plan for Shared hosting.
  11. Type of Control Panel: They use cPanel as a control panel. I very recommend you choose web hosting provider uses cPanel as a control panel.
  12. Pricing: Very cheap for one month and then it back to normal price. Make sure you know about this.

What type of Hosting did They offer?

  1. Shared Hosting: For beginner to start their blog or website.
  2. Cloud Hosting: Who wants to upgrade from shared hosting.
  3. WordPress Hosting: Specific for WordPress use only because they optimize just for WordPress only.
  4. WooCommerce Hosting: Who wants to create WooCommerce site.
  5. VPS Hosting: Who Wants to upgrade from Cloud Hosting.
  6. Dedicated Hosting: For a business company/person which have millions traffic every month.


In our opinion, BlueHost has offered good features what you need to start your website. For an initial, just choose a lower hosting package and you can upgrade anytime when your business becomes bigger. What is your decision after reading our simple review about Bluehost?