My First Post | Hi everyone! Welcome to my dreams world! Here is my first post on First of all, I want to say thank you for you for stopping by here. I know I am nothing, but hope you will enjoy on my blog post here. Ok. Who am I?

Who Am I?

I am Faiz. You can just call me as Faiz. Ok? Simple to memorize right? I am blogger from Malaysia, and this is my first blog in English. I want to be an international blogger to sharing my knowledge.

What I am doing now is a web designer. I take some job in website building, writing (Malay language) and another some skill. This skill I have, I receive it as a benefit to make it as a passion. So I am a freelancer and blogger.

Why Am I Blogging?

Yes, I am interested in sharing knowledge and giving benefit to everyone. So, blogging is the best way how I can present my experience to everyone. Here you will learn everything about WordPress for free, and there is various type of tutorial and tips to make your life more simple and more straightforward.

For your information,  I am here still learn, and I want to improve English language and grammar. If I make a mistake, please teach me. Don’t blame me. Please Teach Me, Master. As a thank you, I will give you the free guide for WordPress tutorial and business tips.

Who Can Visit This Blog?

I am targeting my audience for this blog is who want to learn about WordPress, and start their business online. So, the professional one not suitable to be here. Please give way to starter and beginner. Yes, all tutorials and tips here are free because I fell fun to share my knowledge with everyone.

One more time. Thank for the visit this site. I hope, we are all success what we do. Thanks. 🙂

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