List of The Best Fiverr Clone Scripts  | Are you trying to find the best Fiverr clone scripts right? While I am writing this article, there are dozens Fiverr clone scripts out there, but not all of them are good. You must choose which one is the best for your need.

Gigbucks and Fourerr are the best examples for Fiverr clone. They have already generated income from this website like as Fiverr business model (get a commission from sellers’ services). You can explore their site how they clone Fiverr business model.

From this point, I just found only three the best for Fiverr clone script from my observation. So, I will show you top three the best. – Based on their dedicated support, web design, function and hold long in the market.

Best Fiverr Clone Scripts

So, here they are.

Top #1 WPJobster (Starting at $98)

WPJobster is a WordPress theme where it is the best if you wish to use WordPress platform. Based on my observation, WPJobster is the most powerful if you want to create Fiverr clone. It mimics 95% same as Fiverr function, and it has more control what you need. There are many features for WPJobster. But, I want to highlight the important features here.

Flexible Commission Structure – This is the best feature from WPJobster because it can give you maximum revenue for your website. You can set commission by percentage total of cart, flat rate, fee based on level and more.

Payment Gateways – Online payment (debit/credit) and offline (manual local bank in) are accepted. So, you no need to worry if most people do not know how to make an online payment.

Supporting Multiple Languages – You no need to add the additional plugin for multilingual like WPML because it already implements in this theme. But, you must translate it by your own. So, you can market it to international.

Service Requests System – Buyers can request service if there is no service they want on your site. So, you can increase your revenue with this system.

So, this is my highlight important features which you should consider when you choose Fiverr clone script.

Top #2 Pricerr (Starting at $69.99)

It is also based on WordPress. Just install it likes the common theme. If you are familiar with WordPress, it is more suitable for you to get it. Most of their features, also same as WPJobster but WPJobster more technical.

They have a powerful admin control panel. In this area, you can configure anything to make your site working properly. The important thing is, make sure you set how much commission you will get per sales. If you make a mistake on this, you will never get profit.

The best feature Pricerr have is, you can control balance/money user in site account with the decrease or increase it. It is beneficial if a buyer wants to refund their money.

For blogging, you can publish blog posts just like usual. It good for your SEO if you have a blog.

Top #3  Microjob Engine (Starting $89)

If you are trying to find Fiverr clone based on WordPress, Microjob Engine also is the best WordPress theme where you must try get it.

Based on our experience, this theme very easy to handle, set up their settings and more user-friendly than WPJobster. Then, you can translate into any language you want one by one without any hard technical. Very easy.

In admin dashboard, you can control everything like manage orders, approve payment, cancel orders and everything. So, if you are a beginner, this Microjob Engine very suitable for you.

Top #4 FiverrScript (Starting at $99)

FiverrScript is based on PHP script. It looks more clean and professional design. With FiverrScript, you can make money in three ways where you can sell services, sell ad site, and sell featured service.

It also supports multilanguage where it is straightforward for you to translate any language you want. You can translate it word by word. So you no need any technical skill to do it.

They have many interesting features like as processing fee (to make you more profit), pay for feature job, track order progress, refund system, and many more.

But, for installation, it is quite complex. You need knowledge about how to create a database and using phpMyAdmin and because you will install this script directly into your Hosting.

If you need our help to install it for you, you can order script installation service.

Which One the Best?

If you comfortable to manage your Microjob web using WordPress, so I strongly recommend WPJobster and then Microjob Engine. If you like your web based on PHP, I strongly recommend FiverrScript.

Our Advice if You Want to Create Microjob Service Platform

When you decide to open micro job service platform, make sure you subscribe VPS hosting than Shared hosting because VPS hosting will give you more benefit in many ways. However, you can start it with shared hosting and upgrade when your business grows up.

For hosting, we recommend you to read our recommended hosting.


I have two licenses Entrepreneur package for WpJobster. I want to sell this two licenses for USD599 each. Please contact me via contact form.


In this article, I have shown you the best three Fiverr clone scripts. This article is just overview for you make a fast decision. For more details about it, I will write a unique article each of them in the next section.

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