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Everything You Need to Build a Successful Blog

We have helped over 100 people get started with WordPress. Here’s everything that you get with our free WordPress blog setup service.

Premium Design

You can choose any theme for FREE from Elegant Themes or paid theme from Themeforest.

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The most important basic thing for your blog is monitor your traffic. It is free for YOU!


We use as your blogging platform for a great experience.

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We will configure and setting properly Yoast plugin to optimize SEO.

Free Technical Support

We will help you in case you have the technical problem with your theme and design.

Is it All for Free? Why Free?

First of all, we want to tell you this free service just for beginner. Well. As you know, we have served you dozens of articles in our blog about WordPress tutorial for Free. Everything we show you from A-Z.

But, each person does not have the same skill, limited time and technique. While we served you tutorials for free, maybe some of you cannot do it and still stuck. That why we are here standing for you and help you to do it for free.

Most of blogger fail within a few months because most of them take a lot of time to setup a blog properly. Maybe they are no skill or no time to do it. This is a reason why they cannot focus on their goals for blogging until they are failing in blogging.

So, take a rest and lets our team to setup a blog for you.

Three easy step you must to follow …

Yes, you will get all for free but you must do some instruction for free claim WordPress setup from us. You must signup new domain and hosting using our link affiliate below. Each sale we drive, we will get some commission and this commission already paid for your free WordPress setup.

So, this is Win-Win situation

Step 1: Clear cookies and cache on your browser (option).

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  1. Hostgator
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  4. Fast Comet (Recomended)
  5. Bluehost

If you want more details about web hosting, please go to our web hosting review page.

Step 3: Fill up the form below.

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