How to Remove Shipping and Billing Address In Woocommerce Checkout | By default, WooCommerce has fields to client to enter their billing and shipping information on the checkout page. There is no option to disable this direct from WooCommerce setting.

Sometimes, billing and shipping information not necessary. For example, if you sell a digital product, shipping address no need for your customer. If you disable this, maybe your selling rate will increase.

So, how to remove billing and shipping address in WooCommerce checkout?

In this article, I will show you how to remove it from your website properly.

Remove Shipping and Billing Address In Woocommerce Checkout

Step 1 Please copy all code below

Step 2 Paste into your functions.php file. I recommend you to use child-theme. So, your customization will not lose during update new theme version.

Then, click save and see the magic!

Your shipping and billing address completely remove in WooCommerce checkout.

How to Remove Certain Field On WooCommerce Checkout?

Ok, what you must to do if you want to remove Order Comment field only?

It is so easy. Just remove all unset code except unset code for order comment.

So, your code to remove Order Comment field be like this.

If you want to remove others field, please do the same thing and paste in function.php file.


On this article, you have learned how to remove shipping, billing address in WooCommerce checkout and learned how to remove specific field like order comment, first name, last name and others.

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