FastComet is a MinutesGuide’s official web hosting provider. What we can tell you is, FastComet is perfect from all aspect and we cannot to find it where is their weakness. This is our honest review based on our experience. It is ideal if you decide to choose a server to install your self-host autoresponder.

About FastComet

FastComet was started the web hosting business for more than seven years. While we write this article, it was 2017, and we assume FastComet still new in the market.

This is not a big issue because over seven years in this business they are mature enough what they are doing. They know how to solve their client and server technical problems.

Proudly, they have served server about 11,500+ for their customers from 70 Countries.

FastComet have seven datacenter and locations. They are:

  1. Chicago – Best for North America, South America
  2. Dallas – Best for North America, South America
  3. London – Best for Europe, Africa
  4. Frankfurt – Best for Europe, Africa
  5. Amsterdam – Best for Europe, Russia
  6. Tokyo – South Pacific, Oceania, Asia
  7. Singapore – South Pacific, India, Australia and all Asia Country.

The nearest datacenter with your country, the faster server you have.

Review of FastComet for Basic Features

  1. Reliability: Almost zero downtime per month. 99%-100% uptime.
  2. Free domain: Free main domain for each hosting forever.
  3. Speed: I have a test my blog, and their speed is High. It’s response about 1.24 seconds from Dallas, Texas.
  4. Type of Storage: All of their hosting using SSD where it more better than HDD storage.
  5. Security: High (Based on your hosting plan)
  6. Support: Although they support for 24/7, sometimes you need to wait so long to get a reply from chat. So, you need to create a ticket to solve your problem.
  7. Free Backup: Based on your hosting plan.
  8. Let’s Encrypt: They offer you Let’s Encrypt. Very easy to install it via your cPanel.
  9. Free CDN Enable: Based on your hosting plan.
  10. Number of Web Install: Unlimited number of website install.
  11. Type of Control Panel: They use cPanel as a control panel. I hugely recommend you choose web hosting provider uses cPanel as a control panel.
  12. Pricing: Very cheap among the web hosting.

What type of Hosting did They offer?

  1. Shared Hosting: For beginner to start their blog or website.
  2. Cloud VPS Hosting: Who wants to upgrade from shared hosting.
  3. WordPress Hosting: Specific for WordPress use only because they optimize just for WordPress only.
  4. WooCommerce Hosting: Optimize who wants to create WooCommerce site.
  5. Joomla Hosting: Optimize for who wish to create a website using Joomla.
  6. Engine SocialHosting: Optimize for who wish to create membership site like forums.
  7. Dedicated Hosting: For a business company/person which have millions traffic every month.


In our opinion, FastComet has offered good features what you need to start your website. For an initial, just choose a lower hosting package, and you can upgrade anytime when your business becomes bigger. What is your decision after reading our simple review about FastComet?