How to Enable Comment On WordPress Page? | For me, the comment section is very important in a blog because we need two-way communication between blog visitor, public view and others. If you disable comment on your post, you will lose interaction on your blog, and your visitors maybe drop.

Usually, you just look a comment section on post type. Right? But, you also can enable comment section on page type. How to do that?

Let’s begin.

Complete Guide How to Enable Comment On WordPress Page

Step #1: Go to the specific page that you want to enable comment.

Step #2: Look at the right top, you will see “Screen Option”. Click on it.

Step #3: You will see dropdown option and click on “Discussion”

Step #4: Now, discussion area will appear on the bottom post. Scroll down and you will see this.

Click on “Allow comments” and click the update button to save it.

That All.

Now you can see the comment section on your page.

Additional Information

In some case, tutorial above does not work for you. The comment section on the page still not appear.

Actually, tutorial above works for you, but you need to do an additional step. This problem depends on how your current theme is working.

The step is, you check on your theme and please enable comment for the page. That all.

If you do not find it, please ask your theme developer.

After you do this, the comment will appear on your page.

Look demo here.


On this article, you have learned how to enable comment on wordpress page type. As a default, the comment section on the page will disable. So, you need to activate it manually, and on this article, I have shown it everything.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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