Why Database Created Not Showing in phpMyAdmin | While I created a database, I see it not appear in phpMyAdmin. I wonder what a problem? So I try to find the solution via Google. This problem is a rare happening, but it makes you feel down and waste your time to find a solution. Have you faced this problem?

On this article, I will try my best to explain to you why this happens and how to solve it. Only a short article and tutorial but it will save your time. This is just based on my experience to share with you all.

Database Created Not Showing in phpMyAdmin

This problem happens when you log into your cPanel direct from your web hosting provider account. Sorry, I do not know how to explain it. So here, I give you a screenshot showing how it looks like. It looks like something like this.

The screenshot above shows you how to Log into cPanel direct from an account. If you use this function to log into your cPanel, you will face a problem where the database has you created not appear at phpMyadmin.

How to Solve?

To solve this problem, you just log out your cPanel and then relog in with using official URL to log in your cPanel.

Now, try to open phpMyAdmin, and you will see your database that you have created.

For security reasons and avoid any problem, always log in your cPanel through official URL login.

What happens if you still facing this issue?

Just create a new ticket to tell your web hosting support. They will help you to solve this problem. This is the reason why you must to choose your web hosting provider properly.


In this article, you have learned how to solve a problem when your database created not appear in phpMyAdmin and database area.

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