Five Stuff You Need To Consider During Choose Web Hosting | Choose a right web hosting is the first indicator whether you have a successful blog or not. Yes, for me this is the first line you need to make a right decision. Imagine that if you choose a trouble web hosting. You cannot focus on your blogging. Every time you need to fix web hosting problem.

If this happens, do you feel confident you have a successful blog?

In this article, I want to share with you what the stuff you need to consider during choose a web hosting.

Five Stuff You Need To Consider During Choose Web Hosting

Here is stuff you need to consider.

#1 – Support

You should choose an excellent support in web hosting to make you not headache. Choose the support that provides 24/7. If you have the problem, you can instantly get support without waiting one day or a long time.

#2 – Up Time Guarantee

Your web should online 24 hours every day without any downtime. If your website often downtime, you potentially lose your traffic and sales. So, make sure you know about it.

#3 – Server Environment

You must know whether the server has a suitable environment for your future website or not. Wish for not cause any trouble in the future, make sure you choose a web hosting to provide cPanel for webmaster control.

#4 – Pricing

Make sure price is not too expensive and not too cheaper. Usually, expensive web hosting offers a great support. Class “A” support. But, help you no need it every time. If they are a good hosting, maybe you have a problem once per month. If you have enough budget, please go on. If insufficient budget, please search another web hosting.

For cheaper web hosting but great features, usually, it provides low-class support. Maybe your ticket will be replied in one day. This will make your trouble.

So the best is, find web hosting at a moderate price.

Please do not use free web hosting offer.

#5 – Features

Every web hosting, they have different features. So, you cannot get a completed web hosting what you need. They have pros and cons respectively. For me, I will choose a web hosting that provides Let’s encrypt feature because with Let’s encrypt you will have a free SSL.


In my opinion, the best web hosting you must to choose is FastComet. They have all the characteristics from I have mentioned above. The best things from FastComet is their support and free SSL for all their plan.


In this article, you have learned how to choose a web hosting for your successful blog.

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