Five Characteristic You Must Have To Become a Blogger | In earlier 2013, I have decided to become a blogger, but my visitors just come from Malaysia only. So, I have limit visitors and limit income from my blog.

With blogging, I can earn about four figures every month in MYR currency. For me, this is not enough income as a full-time blogger. I need more a lot of time to learn how to generate more revenue from blogging.

I never give up to generate more income from blogging. So, I decide to be an international blogger. I want to make a blog as a passion. For me, blogging is not just about money. The money will generate automatically when you have a passion for blogging.

So, are you ready to become a blogger?

Are you ready to left your current job and be your own boss?


Before you decide to become a blogger as a profession, you must know about your self. Are you suitable or not?

Let’s we check this points.

Five Characteristic You Must Have To Become A Blogger

To become a full-time blogger and make it as a profession, it is not easy as you think. You must have:

Rule #1: Passion

If you want to become a blogger, you must have a passion. Please do not write a blog because you look many people generate income from it. If you think so, after one month, your blog will no any post. This is because you do not have passion about it.

Rule #2: Never Give Up

When you have a passion for blogging, next the critical thing is you must never give up. That why I tell you. Blogging is not just about money. The money will generate automatically when you passionate about it. If you look the success blogger today, they are all starting from the bottom scratch with zero traffic and zero income.

But, day by day, month by month, year by year, they are slowly making money from the blog until 5-6 figures every month.

Rule #3: Consistent

Please focus on one blog until you have success with it. Consistent is very important to make you longer in the blogging industry. Please do not jump to another blog before you do not achieve success before.

Rule #4: Patient

Can you be patient about 2-3 month to write consistently on your blog without generating any income? If yes, you have an excellent characteristic. But please monitor your traffic during this period and plan how to make more traffic to your blog. Two or three months after blogging, money is not important, but traffic is very important.

Rule #5: Creative Writing

Last but not least, you must have skill how to write content to look more creative. I mean, if you write about to promote a product, please write in sharing tone. Please do not write in sale tone. Do you understand what I mean?


You must know. Blogging is not easy as you think. You must have skills, passion, proper management, high discipline to make you successful in blogging. I write this article not just for you but it also as a reminder for me in future. I hope you can make a right decision. If you are a blogger now, I wish you will be more successful in blogging.

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